Certified Hereford Beef Exhibits at Affiliated Amarillo Food Show

July 4, 2019

The Certified Hereford Beef® brand had a strong presence at the Affiliated Foods Amarillo food show this spring, where retailers were able to visualize their meatcase with a full Certified Hereford Beef offering.

Donald Lucero, Certified Hereford Beef brand manager, and David Ollre, National Beef Packing representative, set the display meatcase with ribeyes, striploins and briskets from the Certified Hereford Beef Premium program — the USDA upper 2/3rds Choice and higher program — for prospective retailers to view. Certified Hereford Beef deli-style roast beef and summer sausage were also on display.

Attendees were able to sample four varieties of the new Certified Hereford Beef summer sausage, which all received rave reviews.

“There was a great customer turnout at the Affiliated food show this spring,” Lucero says. “We had a lot of great feedback from retailers sampling our new summer sausage product, which resulted in quite a few orders of the product. I’m excited to see how our summer sausage program will grow with our independent retailers in their respective markets.”