Stahly Ranch Makes 2019 Breeding Decisions

June 11, 2019

Mike and Judy Stahly, along with their family, have been a part of the National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) since 1999. Each year, Mike selects three sires to use in his program.

This year, Stahly Ranch has selected to use 43886318 – DTF Power House 10Y 7E30 ET, 43930534 – KJ BJ 309C Leader 182F and 43892306 – BG LCC 11B Perfecto 84F.

Because of the American Hereford Association’s (AHA) partnerships with various test herds like Stahly’s, breeders can make better-informed decisions relative to traits of interest. Ultimately the goal is to identify young sires that can positively affect the marketplace and can give seedstock and commercial breeders alike proof Hereford genetics are profitable. Likewise, this test evaluates proven sires to further validate their values and compares young sires with the Hereford population.