National Beef Adds Certified Hereford Beef Fresh Patties to Product Line

April 3, 2019

National Beef Packing Company is exhibiting their dedication to the Certified Hereford Beef brand by expanding their product line under the CHB label. National Beef recently launched Certified Hereford Beef fresh patties – an 80/20 blend of freshly ground chuck that creates an exceptional burger-eating experience. The patties come in three sizes – 4 oz., 5.33 oz., and 8 oz., to cater to a variety of restaurant operations.

The Certified Hereford Beef team is diligently working with National Beef to place this highly-requested product in foodservice distributors and restaurant operations across the United States. Looking for restaurants that serve Certified Hereford Beef in your area? Please visit for restaurant locations promoting Certified Hereford Beef near you.

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