Making the Most of Your Week at JNHE

April 15, 2019

by Abby Spindle, NJHA director

Although in some places the weather may not quite understand, spring is in the air and summer is quickly approaching. Most people are thinking about lake days and summer vacations. However, for most Hereford kids, JNHE is our summer vacation. I hope everyone is just as excited as I am to take JNHE out West to Denver, Colorado. These summer trips to JNHE are such a great opportunity to tour the country. From Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY, to Amish country in Pennsylvania, I have gotten to see some pretty cool places. Don’t be afraid to get out and tour the area during the show. Denver has so many unique experiences to offer.

Some of my favorite parts of JNHE are the people you meet and the memories you make. My siblings and I are some of the only juniors from New Mexico that go to JNHE so that means we are always delegates. It is always fun to get to meet the potential new board members and visit with people from across the country, not to mention the goodie bags. The friends you make at these shows are the ones you will stay friends with forever. Use your downtime throughout the week to get to know your fellow junior members and make some friends that will last a lifetime.

Of course, we all go to JNHE to show off our cattle we work so hard on, but don’t forget about all the fun and educational contests you can be a part of. My favorite was always the livestock judging contest. It is such a fun way to get some practice in over the summer months, but don’t limit yourself to just one contest. Bring out your competitive side in the Hereford bowl, extemporaneous speech, team fitting, or numerous others. In the end, only a few people will end up winning the show, but there are so many chances to win in other contests. You will learn so many skills that will help you grow into a successful adult by gaining skills like public speaking, teamwork, and leadership.

All in all, JNHE has so many things to experience and so many opportunities to get you out of your comfort zone. Show your cattle off, but don’t be afraid to show off your best talents too. I’m excited to see everyone in Denver!