NRSP Herds Make Fall Breeding Decisions

December 27, 2018

Two National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) herds have made their selections for fall breeding for the 2018 NRSP. The American Hereford Association (AHA) NRSP is a program that allows Hereford breeders to test young sires in real-world commercial settings.

Mershon Cattle LLC. is a commercial cattle operation who’s cow-calf operation retains ownership to harvest. They select Hereford bulls with docile traits, which they believe produces animals that are highly efficient and easy to handle.

This fall, Mershon Cattle selected 43793563 — SHF Ellison 167Y E149, 43460362 — WHITEHAWK 225 Beefmaker 597B, 43862246 — 6D Nevada 713 and 43785095 — KCF Bennett Noble D367. 43558667 — EFBEEF BR Validated B413 will be used as a reference sire.

John Ranch, Huntsville, Mo. is a new test herd that signed on to participate in the program this fall.

John Ranch selected 43633843 – HH Advance 5345C and 43589057 – NJW 79Z 22Z Mighty 49C ET. Being used as a reference sire is 43268007 – CL 1 Domino 215Z.

“We are very excited to add John Ranch to our National Reference Sire Program list,” said Shane Bedwell, director of breed improvement and chief operating officer at the AHA. “They are an excellent addition to the participating roster.”