Hereford on the Mountain Continues to Grow Every Year

August 9, 2018

Over 250 individuals gathered for the fifth annual “Hereford on the Mountain” regional event and educational seminar was held Aug. 4 in Sewanee, Tenn. Tommy Coley, region seven field staff for the American Hereford Association (AHA), and his wife, Kim, have organized, managed and hosted for the last five years.

Hereford on the Mountain attendees enjoyed an afternoon of educational seminars, a social hour featuring CHB, an dinner featuring CHB brisket and evening of superb music and socializing.

“Tommy and Kim did a fantastic job,” says Joe Rickabaugh, director of seedstock marketing and region four field staff for the AHA. “Impressive doesn’t go far enough to accurately describe this event.”

An educational panel was held to discuss marketing with a robust group of speakers. Tonya Perez of Ag town gave an overview of the various marketing opportunities Hereford breeders have at their disposal for promotion.

Erin Lockhart of the National Hereford Women gave an overview of marketing cattle online both privately and in a sale environment. She pointed out the advantages of broadcasting your sale on the Internet.

Jon Espencheid visited about why Hereford breeders should strongly consider a website for their operation. He expounded on the need to keep the website current and having a direction portrayed on the website.

Alison Marx, advertising coordinator at the AHA, overviewed what makes a good ad in print and how to market an operation with a consistent message and look.

“This is one of the most exciting and educational regional events I’ve been associated with while working for AHA,” Rickabaugh says. “The Hereford breeders of the SE appreciate the educational and social aspect of Hereford on the Mountains. This is an event many Hereford enthusiasts mark to attend each year.”