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Member Service: Customer Service Tips and Tricks

July 26, 2018

by Laura Loschke

Upcoming deadlines
The early bird deadline for fall inventories is July 15. Fall 2018 herd inventories were generated last month for Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) members. Herd inventory will be accessible via mail or MyHerd. org. Fall inventories turned in by July 15 will receive a 25-cent-perhead discount on every female maintained on the inventory. Inventories turned in between July 16 and Sept. 1, 2018, will be charged the normal $5.50 per cow, $3 per first-time heifer and $1.50 per bull (optional).

Any inventories turned in after September 1 will incur the $2-per-head surcharge. Any dam whose offspring will be registered and will have recorded weaning performance data through the Whole Herd TPR program must be listed on the current inventory.

After billing the fall inventory, don’t forget about the great deal the American Hereford Association (AHA) is offering to DNA test the entire cow herd. The AHA is striving to get more cows genotyped to promote the implementation of genomic information for maternal traits such as sustained cow fertility (SCF), milk (MM) and calving ease maternal (CEM). A special price of $20 per head to test every female in the already-billed inventory of your choice is being offered through the AHA to attain this goal.

DNA testing the cow herd can help Hereford breeders manage and market cattle with more confidence. Having all the cows’ DNA on file can also help with determining parentage of future calves, along with making betterinformed breeding decisions. This special $20-per-head price won’t last long. It’s available only until Dec. 31, 2018. Contact Tena Martin at to get started.

Get the most from MyHerd
MyHerd can be used for much more than just registering or transferring animals. As a participant in Whole Herd TPR, MyHerd is a great way to stay on top of what is needed to remain compliant with the TPR program. The MyHerd home screen will reveal any overdue information and any upcoming deadlines, as well. Participants can also use the Whole Herd TPR screen to look at animals and data from any year and season, along with the female and male inventories from those seasons. Even so, MyHerd isn’t just for the TPR breeder. Don’t forget all the great functions of MyHerd below.

  • Look up your personal list (your buyers and sellers from the last three years)
  • See your available AI (artificial insemination) certificates
  • Release AI certificates on your AI permitted bulls
  • Store registration certificates electronically and release them as needed
  • View performance data reports, packing slips and monthly statements
  • Make DNA requests and view DNA test results
  • Edit or update membership details
  • Renew memberships and bill service fees for your account and any linked accounts
  • View and pay for previous or pending Hereford Publications Inc. (HPI) and AHA transactions


That’s right, you can view and even pay for your HPI balances through MyHerd. On your MyHerd home screen, view account balances is located directly below all the tabs. This lists your current AHA balance, current HPI balance and pending online work.

Clicking on the “Details” button next to any of these balances will reveal specific details and the option to pay the balance due. Another option to pay HPI balances is to click on “Transactions,” then select “Previous HPI Transaction.” That page will expose the work details and also provide the ability to pay the balance.

Having trouble navigating through MyHerd? Visit member-services to view more than 20 tutorials to show you the ins and outs of MyHerd, or contact AHA Customer Service at 816-842-3757. To sign up for MyHerd, email your member number to

Laura Loschke is the education and information service coordinator of the American Hereford Association. She can be reached at

This article originally appeared in the July Hereford World. To view the original article, click below.