NJHA Fed Steer Shootout

The NJHA Fed Steer Shootout is an opportunity for NJHA members to gain invaluable cattle feeding industry education and experience. Participants will have the ability to estimate feed yard performance and carcass merit, then compare the information to actual performance data. They will also have the ability to measure and compare the profitability of their animals during the contest.

Thank You NJHA Fed Steer Shootout Sponsors

Gregory Feedlots, Inc., Tabor, Iowa

UltraInsights Processing Lab, Inc., Maryville, Mo.

Geneseek, Lincoln, Neb.

Allflex USA

Zoetis Animal Health

NJHA Plans Upcoming Webinar Series for Shootout Participants

May 11, 2017 at 7 p.m. central – Marketing and Management at the Feedlot Level

May 18, 2017 at 7 p.m. central – What we Learn from Ultrasound

May 25, 2017 at 7 p.m. central – The Role Genetics Play in the Feed Yard

June 1, 2017 at 7 p.m. central – Focus on Feedlot Animal Health Programs

2017 NJHA Fed Steer Shootout Open House

With an end of June harvest date predicted, Gregory Feedlots, Inc., invites NJHA Fed Steer Shootout participants to an open house to see the progress their individual and pens of cattle have made since arriving at the yard the first of the year. David Trowbridge and his staff invite 2017 participants and their families to Gregory Feedlots, Inc., in Tabor, Iowa, on the dates of June 13 or June 20. Please RSVP to Amy Cowan at acowan@hereford.org with what dates works best and AHA will coordinate individual tour reservations with feedlot staff. We look forward to seeing all program participants in June.

Gregory Feedlots, Inc. 1164 305 Ave. Tabor, IA 51653

Cattle Requirements

  1. Pen of 3 or individual animal entries
  2. Steers only
  3. Purebred Hereford or Hereford crossbred
    • Purebred Hereford – Animal(s) must be recorded or registered in AHA database at time of entry.
    • Crossbred – Animal(s) must meet Certified Hereford Beef Live Animal Specifications
  4. Birth date: 1/1/16 or after
  5. Suggested Weight: 600-800#
  6. Weaned 30 days or more, prior to delivery
  7. Vaccination Program: 2 rounds (Modified Live Vaccines suggested)

Contest Guidelines

  1. Steers must be derived to Gregory Feedlots, Inc. from January 2-20, 2017
    • Alternate delivers points may be available based on participation in your area. Please indicate interest in alternate delivery point on the entry form.
  2. Steers will be managed at the discretion of the feed yard.
  3. All costs will be financed by the feed yard through the competition, with total expenses deducted from final payment at the conclusion of the contest.
  4. Reports will be sent out and educational events will be held throughout the contest for participants. A final report will also be returned to participants at the conclusion of the contest.

Winners will be announced at the 2017 AHA Annual Membership Meeting Awards Banquet. Awards will be given in both pen of 3 and individual divisions for purebred and Hereford-influenced categories.

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