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AHA Announces 2013 Dams, Sires of Distinction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. ­­­– For 2013, 2,386 Hereford cows from 679 Hereford performance herds in 43 states earned the honor of being named a Dam of Distinction by the American Hereford Association (AHA).

For 33 years Rausch Herefords, Hoven, S.D., has led Hereford breeders with the most cows qualifying as Dams of Distinction. With 381 cows recognized, South Dakota is the top state again this year.

The 2013 Dams of Distinction list honors the Hereford breed’s cows who meet the highest standard of production and recognizes the cattlemen who produce them. In order to be named a Dam of Distinction, a Hereford cow must meet all the job requirements for an ideal cow. She should produce a healthy, growthy calf every year; she should calve as a two-year-old, and she should cause her owner absolutely no problems. A Dam of Distinction is the standard by which all Hereford cows can be judged.
The cow must do her job, but also her owner must manage the herd correctly to give her the opportunity to excel. Only a small portion of active cows is recognized. All heifers have the potential of being a Dam of Distinction, but only a small percentage fit the job description of an ideal cow year in and year out.
In order for a cow to be named a 2013 Dam of Distinction she must have:
1) Weaned a calf born since January 1, 2012.
2) Produced at least three calves.
3) Initially calved at 30 months of age or less.
4) Had an interval between the first and second calves of no greater than 400 days. In addition, a 370-day calving interval must have been maintained after her second calf. The longer initial calving interval allows breeders to calve two-year-old heifers prior to the mature cow herd.
5) Every calf produced that was born before June 30, 2012, must have weaning records submitted to the Hereford Performance Program.
6) A progeny average 205-day adjusted weaning weight ratio of at least 105.
For more information about the Dams of Distinction Program visit, click on “Whole Herd TPR” and select “Dams of Distinction.” Females attaining the Dams of Distinction status are recognized with “DOD” after their names on the AHA Web site.
Also recognized are Sires of Distinction. The Sires of Distinction program recognizes superior Hereford bulls. The American Hereford Association Board of Directors initiated the program in August 2007 to recognize Hereford bulls that sire efficient, fertile and productive females. To be honored as a Sire of Distinction a bull must have produced daughters that have received at least seven Dams of Distinction awards.
Bulls attaining the Sire of Distinction status are recognized with “SOD” after their names when doing an animal or EPD inquiry at
An article reviewing the 2013 Dams of Distinction will be published in the April issue of the Hereford World magazine. The top 20 states and breeders of Dams of Distinction are listed below.
Top 20 States                                 
Rank       State            No. of Dams
1            South Dakota      381
2            Nebraska            257
3            Kansas               230
4            Montana            162
5            Missouri            143
6            North Dakota     118
7            Idaho                110
8            Wyoming            96
9            Texas                 76
10          Minnesota            72
11          Wisconsin            62
12            Illinois               61
13            Iowa                59
14            Oregon             56
15            Colorado           51
16            Oklahoma         44
17            Georgia            43
18            Virginia            35
19            California          33
19            Indiana             33
            Top 20 Breeders
            Rank            Owner            No. of Dams
            1            Rausch Herefords, Hoven, S.D.                                    126
            2            Shaw Cattle Co. Inc., Caldwell, Idaho                        35
            3            Van Newkirk Herefords, Oshkosh, Neb.                        30
            4            Fawcetts Elm Creek Ranch, Ree Heights, S.D.            27
            4            Ridder Hereford Ranch, Callaway, Neb.                        27
            6            Journagan Ranch/Missouri State University, Mountain Grove, Mo.                                                            26
            7            Monahan Cattle Co., Hyannis, Neb.                                    25
            7            O.R. Perkes, Etna, Wyo.                                                25
            9            Oleen Bros., Dwight, Kan.                                                24
            9            Feddes Herefords, Manhattan, Mont.                                    24
            11            MM Ranch, Chanute, Kan.                                                22
            12            Alfred Schutte & Sons, Guide Rock, Neb.                        21
            13            Elkington Polled Herefords, Idaho Falls, Idaho            20
            13            Duvall Polled Herefords, Lockwood, Mo.                        20
            13            Thorstenson Hereford Ranch, Selby, S.D.                        20
            16            Beery Land & Livestock Co., Vida, Mont.                        19
            16            Harrell Hereford Ranch, Baker City, Ore.                        19
            18            Bar JZ Polled Herefords, Holabird, S.D.                        18
            18            VJS Polled Herefords, Hays, Kan.                                    18
            20            Falling Timber Farm, Marthasville, Mo.                        17


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