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, Montana

Balducke Ranch
1 406 489 1425



Basic Info: Quantity: 100 Avg. Weight: 750 Weight Range: 675 - 800
  Class: Open Replacement Heifers
  Wt. Description:

Breed Info: % Hereford x Hereford
HF = Hereford % HF x English Breed
  % HF x Exotic Breed
  % HF x Brahman Breed
  % Other Breed
  Genetic Comments:

All out of foundation Angus cow herd and Beery Land and Livestock Hereford Bulls

Other Info: Yes: Home Raised 5: BCS
  Yes: Bangs frame 5.5 to 6: Frame Score
  Yes: Dehorned : Horn Status
  Yes: Vaccinations  
  Vaccinations History:

All modified live shots, with complete herd health program.

Breeding Info: Preg. Status:  
  Estimated Calving Season: // - //
  Breeding Comments/ Sires:

Marketing Info: Price($/hd):
  Delivery: 2 - 2
  General Comments:

Heifers will be in Dickinson North Dakota, at Stockman Livestock Auction. Lost grazing lease so have to sell .One of the best set of true f1 baldies in Eastern Montana. All going, none kept home, and will be a hand full of red baldies right off of them.

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