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Hereford Hall of Fame, Merit Inductees Honored

Charlie Boyd, Harold and Pat Carswell, Earl Forrest, Marvin and Ella Meek, Gino Pedretti and Harold Sidwell were inducted into the Hereford Hall of Fame Oct. 29 in Kansas City, Mo., during the American Hereford Association (AHA) Annual Meeting.

The Hall of Fame honor recognizes breeders who’ve dynamically influenced the direction and advancement of the Hereford breed.
Also during the Annual Meeting, Ed Meacham was honored with the Hereford Hall of Merit Award. Hall of Merit inductees aren’t necessarily Hereford breeders but have, in their own ways, greatly influenced the Hereford breed and cattle industry.
Charles Boyd
Charles (Charlie) Boyd, Mays Lick, Ky., is the third generation at Boyd Beef Cattle and has inspired his children and grandchildren to be a part of the operation as well. Today, Boyd Beef Cattle is managed by Charlie and his wife, Martha; their son, Charlie Jr. and his wife, Paula, and their children, Blake and Logan; and their daughter, Suzanne, and her husband, Andrew Matheny, and their children, Austin and Taylor Belle.
After Charlie returned home from earning his degree at the University of Kentucky in 1964, he dedicated his life to the improvement and advancement of the Hereford breed, according to Kentucky Hereford Association Secretary Earlene Thomas. His cattle have earned numerous awards in the showring and 17 Boyd bulls are in AI (artificial insemination) studs in the U.S. and Canada.
Charlie has served the Hereford breed as a director of the American Polled Hereford Association and president and director of the Kentucky Hereford Association.
Bruce Layne of BBL Beef describes Charlie with admiration: “He is on the move and making good things happen in the Hereford industry. The closer you look at his contributions to the industry and the breed, no one deserves this tremendous honor more than Charlie Boyd.”
Thomas writes on behalf of the Kentucky Hereford Association directors and membership that Charlie’s accomplishments, involvement and influence on the breed make him worthy of such an honor. She writes, “This is a small way to reward him on the lifetime commitment that he has made to the Hereford breed and the cattle industry overall.”
Harold and Pat Carswell
Harold and Pat Carswell, Osborne, Kan., are part-owners and operators of Carswell-Nichols Herefords, along with their daughter, Carol, and her husband, Jim Nichols. Grandsons Brock and Ryan are also active in the family business.
The Carswells have been in the Hereford business since 1928, when Harold’s father, Jay Carswell, partnered on a registered Hereford herd. Pat and Harold were married in 1950 and together have raised top-quality seedstock ever since. In 1985 they moved to Osborne, and Carol and Jim Nichols and their sons moved to the ranch. However, Harold remains an active part of ranching and farming on a daily basis.
Harold and Pat are active in the Hereford community. Pat has served as a director of Kansas Hereford Women and was a charter member of the American Hereford Auxiliary. She also served as director and president of American Hereford Women. In 2001 she was named Outstanding Hereford Woman.
Harold has served as president and director of Kansas Hereford Association. He was awarded the Hereford Breeder of the Year by the Kansas Livestock Association.
The fifth generation of Carswells in the Hereford business has begun as Brock and his wife Carolyn’s children Avery, Emma, Zoe and Coy are interested in the family operation.
“Along with being a tremendous asset to the Hereford breed for many years and their dedication to making the Hereford breed better than it has ever been, they have applied those same principles to their personal and family lives,” says Tom Granzow, secretary of the Kansas Hereford Association, on behalf of its membership. “Through hard work and dedication to the improvement of the breed, they built a Hereford legacy that is a model for others to follow, and their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren are doing exactly that.”
Earl Forrest
Earl Forrest, Saluda, S.C., first entered into the Hereford business in 1941 when he bought a registered polled Hereford cow from Clemson University. This purchase started a lifelong passion for Hereford cattle.
Throughout the years, Earl has raised Hereford seedstock noted for moderate frames, efficiency on grass and mothering ability. Earl has also given back, serving in various capacities as a member of a number of community and cattle organizations, including chairman and vice chairman of the American Polled Hereford Association Board of Directors.
His wife of 59 years, Marie, passed away in 2008. The couple raised five children, of which Brad has become a full partner in the cattle and farming business.
Associate Dean at Clemson University Extension Steven Meadows says he has known Earl his entire life and has always regarded him as an excellent Hereford breeder and person. “His unbridled enthusiasm for Hereford cattle and quest to always find and use the best genetics to improve both the purebred and commercial cattle industry throughout the Southeast is exemplary.”
The South Carolina Hereford Association nominated Earl for this honor because of his dedication to the Hereford industry. Secretary Donnie King writes on his behalf, “(Earl) was instrumental in the organization of our state association and has represented the breed well for almost 70 years. He will make an excellent addition to the Hall of Fame because of his contributions to the breed and high moral character.”
Marvin and Ella Meek
Marvin and the late Ella Meek were in the Hereford business for more than 60 years. For 20 of those years, the pair managed the 26 Bar Ranch in Arizona.
“The 26 Bar Ranch will be remembered as one of the most prominent and successful Hereford operations in our lifetime,” says Glynn Debter, Debter Hereford Farm. “The leadership, talents and dedication Marvin and Ella contributed to the many achievements for the ranch and the promotion of the Hereford breed.”
Debter adds, because of Marvin’s knowledge of mating selection, the 26 Bar Ranch herd was unmatched for its environment. Supplying quality Hereford bulls to top, large-scale commercial herds kept commercial cattlemen confident in the 26 Bar program and the Hereford breed.
Hereford breeder Cliff Copeland of Nara Visa, N.M., worked for Marvin and Ella and says it was truly a unique opportunity. “Marvin was a man of moral character and approached everything with integrity, honesty and fairness. Ella was always by his side through thick and thin and, along with raising a family, helped Marvin tremendously. They were totally devoted to each other. I cannot think of a better tribute to the Hereford breed than Marvin and Ella Meek.”
Today Marvin lives in Tazewell, Va.
Gino Pedretti
Gino Pedretti, El Nido, Calif., and family are the owners and operators of Pedretti Ranches, which has been producing top-quality Hereford seedstock for decades. Gino served two terms as a director on the AHA Board.
His cattle are well respected by commercial cattlemen and Hereford breeders alike. Joe Brazil of J-B Herefords in Merced, Calif., describes Pedretti as a pioneer Hereford breeder and role model for generations of cattlemen in the industry.
TJ Verquer, Tom & Pat Verquer & Sons Herefords of Trinidad, Colo., praises Pedretti. “He is a hard-working, ordinary gentleman who is extraordinary in his ability to see and breed cattle, run a successful business and be a tremendous influence on his family and community. He’s a positive asset to his region and a wonderful example of dedication and influence to improving the Hereford breed.”
The Pedretti program is built on economic values for commercial cattlemen. “Gino Pedretti is a breeder that anyone would be proud to emulate,” says Guy Colyer of Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho. “He has tremendous integrity, stands behind his product and has built one of the strongest, most performance-oriented herds in the nation.”
Today, the Pedretti ranching family includes Gino and his wife, Mona; their son, Gino Jr.; their daughter and son-in-law, Kim and Mark St. Pierre; their daughter and son-in-law, Chris and Randal Brinlee; and their grandsons, Gino Pedretti III, and Nick Brinlee.
Harold Sidwell
The Sidwell name has a rich Hereford history. Harold Sidwell’s grandfather, G.A., bought their first registered Hereford cow in 1908 from England. In 2008 the Sidwell family celebrated a century in the Hereford business and at the same time Harold celebrated his 50th year as a Hereford breeder.
Harold, Carr, Colo., got his start with a 4-H heifer when he was only 10 years old. Harold was active in youth programs and continued raising and showing Herefords on the local, state and national levels.
Harold married Marlene in 1958 and they have raised four children. The eldest, Warren, and his wife, Jolene, are in the Hereford business in Oklahoma. Daughter Cheryl helps out on the ranch, and son Bryan and his wife, Linda, are in partnership with Harold in Sidwell Herefords.
Marguerite Gies, Eaton, Colo., says, “Harold and his wife have worked in earnest to follow in prior generations’ footsteps. Harold is a survivor in the Hereford business.”
Ed Meacham
Ed Meacham, Norman, Okla., began his influence as a vocational agriculture instructor at Miami High School in Miami, Okla. He touched the lives of many young people including auctioneers Eddie Sims and C.K. “Sonny” Booth. “He was one of the very best agriculture teachers in Oklahoma and could inspire young people to excel in whatever field they choose,” Booth says. “I can honestly say that I would not have become a successful purebred livestock auctioneer had I not had the four years with Ed.”
After leaving his teaching position, Ed worked for the Record Stockman and then joined the Polled Hereford World staff in the late 1960s. He was later appointed as director of field staff for the Polled Hereford World and remained there until his retirement.
Ed formed Meacham and Associates and managed sales and consulted for many top-notch breeders throughout the U.S. and Canada. “He mentored some of the best ringmen and auctioneers in the country,” says Hereford breeder Jimmie Johnson, Clinton, Okla.
Eddie Sims adds, “Ed dedicated his life to working with Hereford breeders and their families. He assisted a lot of outstanding Hereford programs with their promotional and marketing needs. Ed’s commitment and dedication to our industry allows him to be most deserving for the American Hereford Association Hall of Merit.”


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