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Shock & Awe, Gran Torino Win Fort Worth Hereford Show

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — C -S Gran Torino 8172 ET won the champion horned bull title at the Fort Worth National Hereford Show Feb. 1. The champion polled bull honors went to STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.

Judging the 214-head show was the father-son team of Dan Hoge, Kewanee, Ill., and Mark Hoge, Macomb, Ill. “There is no breed of cattle that is enjoying popularity like the Hereford breed is right now,” said Dan prior to selection of the champion horned female. “When you talk about breed progress, you look at the average of the class. All breeds can have good cattle in the upper end but where this breed is really making such progress, in my mind, is the average of the cattle were really, really good.”


The horned show was dedicated to Bill and Jo Ellard, Dallas, Texas, and Jim & Claudia Atlas, Grandview, Texas, was the polled show honoree.

Gran Torino is a 2-year-old son of DM BR L1 Domino 146, owned by Williams/Ferguson Ranch L.P., Decatur, Texas; Dennis Schock, Sherman, Texas; and Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho. Rylee Barber, Channing, Texas, claimed the reserve horned bull title with BR Currency 8144 ET by DM BR Sooner.

The champion polled bull, Shock & Awe, is a yearling son of STAR Bright Future 533P ET, and owned by Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, Okla.; TCF & Co., Petoskey, Mich.; Tennessee River Music Inc., Ft. Payne, Ala.; and Buffalo Bend Farm, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Golden Oak Outcross 18U was chosen reserve champion polled bull. The son of Golden-Oak Fusion 3S is owned by Hoffman Herefords, Thedford, Neb.; Ward Ranch, McAlester, Okla.; and Churchill Cattle Co., Manhattan, Mont.

In the female show, H Poetic Justice 8042 by TH JWR SOP 16G 57G Tundra 63N won the horned show and STAR KKH SSF Olivia 15U ET by Remitall Online 122L won the polled show. H Poetic Justice is owned by Karlee Osborne, Sheridan, Ill. Reserve horned female honors went to BR Zoey 8143 ET by DM BR Sooner, owned by Rachel Adkins, Canadian, Texas.

Champion polled female, Olivia, is owned by Kasey Herman, Skiatook, Okla.; Star Lake Cattle Ranch, and B J Herman & Sons, Edgerton, Ohio. Randa Owen, Ft. Payne, Ala., and Purple Reign Cattle Co., Toulon, Ill., with Purple HCC Billie Jean 32V was chosen reserve champion polled female.

At the end of the show, Star Lake Cattle Ranch was awarded the banners for polled best 6 head, premier breeder and premier exhibitor. Rylee Barber was named horned premier breeder and W4 Ranch, Morgan, Texas, and horned premier exhibitor. Barber Ranch, Channing, Texas, exhibited the first-place horned get-of-sire with a group sired by DM BR Sooner.

To view complete results of the 2010 Fort Worth Stock Show National Hereford Show visit


Additional division results

Horned spring calf champion heifer: Jacqueline Rosson, Milford, Texas, with GKB Notice Me
Too B954 ET by UPS TCC Nitro 1ET.
Reserve horned spring calf champion heifer: Jessica Middleswarth, Torrington, Wyo., with
C&M New Mexico Lady 9057 by KJ BJ Bounty Hunter 741P.
Reserve polled spring calf champion heifer: Mallorie Phelps, Grandview, Texas, with STAR
KKH SSF HCC Venus 385W ET by DN BR L1 Domino 146.
Horned junior calf champion heifer: Amelia Stallings, Eugene, Ore., with C Notice Me Nitro
9161 ET by UPS TCC Nitro 1ET.
Reserve horned junior calf champion heifer: Kendi and Seely Sayre, Arenzville, Ill., with C Ms
Reno 9078 by C Reno 6142 ET.
Polled junior calf champion heifer: Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, Okla.; Kasey Herman,
Skiatook, Okla.; and BJ Herman & Sons, Edgerton, Ohio, with STAR KKH SSF Keyshona 25W
ET by Remitall Online 122L.
Reserve polled junior calf champion heifer: Shepherds View Farm, Bridgeville, Del., with Purple
Stellsappa 1V by Purple Millsap 45S.
Reserve horned fall calf champion heifer: Kati Fehlman, Junction City, Kan., with BR Corinna
8175 ET by BR Moler ET.
Polled fall calf champion heifer: Shayne Myers, Colusa, Calif., with EJS S04 Paris U37 by CSF
MSU WF Ransom 115R.
Reserve polled fall calf champion heifer: Kirbie Day, Waxahachie, Texas, with RW MC Krissie
3078 8120 ET by RW KW Hummer K23 3078.
Horned intermediate champion heifer: Clayton Schmitt, Ulysses, Neb., with H Cattle Kate 8045
ET by Go Excel L18.
Reserve horned intermediate champion heifer: Rope Stewart, Sterling City, Texas, with H Mary
Jane 8053 ET by GO Excel L18.     
Polled intermediate champion heifer: Lucas, Logan and Cory Stumpf, Columbia, Ill., with RW
Kassie 533P 8104 ET by STAR Bright Future 533P ET.
Reserve polled intermediate champion heifer: Maggie Dorman, Madisonville, Texas, with H2
6086 Desire 8403 by DCC 4002 Tempt 6086.
Reserve horned spring yearling champion heifer: Grace Keilty, Cedar, Mich., with CSF BR
Gabrielle 8150 ET by DM BR Sooner.
Polled spring yearling champion heifer: Kagney Collins, Flanagan, Ill., and Purple Reign Cattle
Company, Toulon, Ill., with Purple Clementine 29U ET by LaGrand Reload 80P ET.
Reserve polled spring yearling champion heifer: Brady, Brooke and Ben Jensen, Courtland,
Kan., with CRR 552 Kelly 844 ET by CJH L1 Domino 552.
Horned junior yearling champion heifer: Montana, Chance, Austin and Nick Deppe, Maquoketa,
Iowa, with C Miss Platinum 8039 ET by LCI 157K Ribstone 79P.
Reserve horned junior yearling champion heifer: Eric Rosson, Milford, Texas, with DRS 146
Erica Claire S818 by DM BR L1 Domino 146.
Reserve polled junior yearling champion heifer: Purple Reign Cattle Co., Toulon, Ill., and
Carlson Cattle, Royal Center, Ind., with Purple CMCC Nastia 9U.
Horned champion cow–calf pair: Kati Felhman with BR Marie Lavoe 7159 by BR Lansing 3060.
Reserve horned champion cow-calf pair: Cameron Curry, McAlester, Okla., with CH MS Reba
7016 ET by BR Moler ET.
Polled champion cow-calf pair: Justin and Amanda Bacon, Prairie Grove, Ark., with LF MS
733G Joleen 7003 by UPS Journey 1ET.
Polled spring calf champion bull: Star Lake Cattle Ranch; TCF & Co., Petoskey, Mich.; and
Turkey Feather Ranch, Ada, Okla., with STAR TCF Lock-N-Load 300W ET by LaGrand Reload
80P ET.
Reserve polled spring calf champion bull: Buck Cattle Co., Madill, Okla.; and Mark McClintock,
San Angelo, Texas, with MCC Easy Domino 9104 ET by H Easy Deal 609 ET.
Horned spring calf champion bull: Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho, with C Notice Me Now
Nitro 9178 ET by UPS TCC Nitro 1ET.
Reserve horned spring calf champion bull: Kevin Jensen, Courtland, Kan., with KJ DWE 968R
Revise 015W by KJ C&L Pure Frost 645N ET.
Reserve polled junior calf champion bull: Star Lake Cattle Ranch; Kasey Herman; Tennesee
River Music Inc., Fort Payne, Ala.; and Lamb Bros. Beef/Towner Farms, Wilson, Wis., with STAR
KKH SSF Kamikaze 41W ET by STAR Bright Future 533P ET.
Horned junior calf champion bull: Larsons' Polled Herefords, Clifton, Texas, with KCL 17N
Neon Sign 2042 12W ET by GH Neon 17N.
Reserve horned junior calf champion bull: Gary & Kathy Bucholz, Bardwell, Texas; and
Mallorie Phelps, Grandview, Texas, with GKB EJE B627 Full Tank B927 ET by GKB Downtown
B627 ET.
Polled fall calf champion bull: Rockin W Polled Herefords, Schulenburg, Texas; and Rainbow
Cattle Services, Ennis, Texas, with RW Rowdy 3078 8119 ET by RW KW Hummer K23 3078.
Reserve horned fall calf champion bull: Langford Herefords, Okmulgee, Okla., with LH Rambo
8210 ET by GH Rambo 279R.
Polled intermediate champion bull: T-Bone Ranch, Antonito, Colo., with TBR Select 8504 by
DCC 125L Master Lock 3166 ET.
Horned intermediate champion bull: B&C Cattle Co., Miami, Texas, with B&C L1 Rambo
28076 by GH Rambo 279R.
Reserve horned intermediate champion bull: W4 Ranch, Morgan, Texas, with W4 613 Domino
U036 by H Banker 613 ET.
Reserve polled champion yearling bull: Morgan Ranch, Burwell, Neb., with TCC MR Davidson
81 ET by Ankonian Midas 72.
Reserve horned yearling champion bull: Chad Wilson, Cloverdale, Ind., and Hunter Hamilton,
Heltonville, Ind., with WCC WOF Ironman U302 by WCC Slam Dunk R26 ET.
Polled champion senior bull: Michigan State University, E. Lansing, Mich.; Star Lake Cattle
Ranch; Pollard Farm/MCS, Enid, Okla.; and Eva Hamman, Jacksboro, Texas, with MSU TCF
Titleist 2T ET by S&S Kodiak 49J.
Horned champion senior bull: Upstream Ranch, Taylor, Neb.; Carlee Meeks, Taylor Neb.; and
Prairie Meadow Herefords, Springfield, Ill., with UPS Odyssey 7128 by UPS Odyssey 1ET.
Reserve horned senior champion bull: Hart Hereford Farm, Jackson, Tenn.; Four L Hereford
Farm, Atwood, Tenn.; and Stan Foster, Paragould, Ark., with Four L Odyssey 7059T by UPS
Odyssey 1ET.


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