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Star Lake, Hoffman, K7 Take Top Honors in Hereford Yard Show

KANSAS CITY, Mo. ­­­— Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, Okla., reigned victorious in the Hereford carload show capturing win number 11 and the coveted bronze trophy at the 2010 National Western Stock Show (NWSS) on Jan. 14. Hoffman Herefords, Thedford, Neb., topped the pen of three bull show and K7 Herefords, Tom Heidt and Family, Lockridge, Iowa, won the pen of three female show in the Denver Yards.
Rance Long, Big Cabin, Okla., Mark Akin, Iberia, Mo., and Joe Bennett, Connell, Wash., teamed up to evaluate the Yard shows which included six carloads, 34 bull pens and 18 heifer pens.
Star Lake Cattle Ranch’s champion carload of junior bull calves topped the scales at an average weight of 1,304 lb., and a weight per day of age (WDA) of 3.72. The group was sired by LaGrand Reload 80P ET; HCC Legacy S01 ET; STAR MKS Western Wrangler; STAR Bright Future 533P ET; CS Boomer 29F; MSU TCF Titleist 2T ET and HCC Legacy S01 ET. On show day the group posted average expected progeny differences (EPDs) of birth weight (BW) 4.7; weaning weight (WW) 55; yearling weight (YW) 90; milk (MM) 20; and milk and growth (M&G) 48. The group had an average scrotal measurement of 36.1 cm.
Reserve grand champion carload honors went to the champion yearling carload of bulls exhibited by Mrnak Herefords, Bowman, N.D. The group was sired by GH Rambo 279R; MH Monument 3147 and MH Dakota 0230. The average weight of the load was 2,048 lb. and they calculated a WDA of 3.13. The average EPDs of the group was BW 5.1; WW 62; YW 100; MM 23; and M&G 54. They measured a scrotal measurement of 41.7 cm.         
Standing in the 2010 pen show spotlight was Hoffman Herefords with their pen that first claimed the champion spring bull calf division. The calves were sired by TH JWR SOP 16G 57G Tundra 63, averaged 1,047 lb., had a calculated WDA of 3.58 with an average scrotal measurement of 32.0 cm. The group’s EPDs were BW 4.2; WW 54; YW 87; MM 22; and M&G 49.
Sandhill Farms, Haviland, Kan., won the junior division before being selected reserve grand champion pen with a group by SHF Treasure R117 T58; SHF Rib Eye M326 R117; and KCF Bennett 3008 M326. The average EPDs on the bulls were BW 2.7; WW 54; YW 83; MM 23; and M&G 49. The pen weighed an average of 1,177 lb. and calculated a 3.47 WDA.
The grand champion pen of females exhibited by K7 Herefords, the Tom Heidt Family of Lockridge, Iowa, was sired by K7 2072 Lad 618 and CJH Harland 408. The group posted average EPDs of BW 3.5; WW 51; YW 85; MM 24; and M&G 49. Dakitch Hereford Farms, Ada, Minn., showed the reserve champion pen of three females. These heifers were sired by Harvie Traveler 69T.  The group posted EPDs of BW 2.3; WW 50; YW 72; MM 19; and M&G 44.
Additional division winners:
Champion spring calf carload: Ridder Hereford Ranch, Callaway, Neb.
Reserve spring calf carload: Lowell Fisher Family, Spencer, Neb.
Reserve yearling carload: 4V Douthit Hereford Ranch, St. Francis, Kan.
Reserve spring bull calf pen: Ernst Herefords, Windsor, Colo.
Reserve junior bull calf pen: Churchill Cattle Co., Manhattan, Mont.
Champion senior bull calf pen: Langford Herefords, Okmulgee, Okla.
Reserve senior bull calf pen: Davis Herefords, Maple Hill, Kan.
Champion yearling pen: Mill Creek Ranch and Pied Piper Farm, Alma, Kan.
Reserve yearling pen: Mill Creek Ranch and Pied Piper Farm
To view complete results of the 2010 National Western National Hereford Show visit


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