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Hereford Advantage Brochure Today cattlemen have more marketing options available to them than ever before. The key to marketing success is knowing which marketing option works best for you and your cattle and the willingness to do the research. CHB provides marketing assistance to those who have cattle that fit the program specifications. Promotion of CHB-candidate cattle to a network of interested cattle feeders is another tool offered to commercial producers, free of charge. Interested producers should contact the CHB office at 816-842-3757.

CHB live animal specifications

  • Cattle must have a predominately (51%) whiteface and exhibit white markings over the jaw, forehead and muzzle. White markings on any part of the hip, shoulder or side of the body such as spots, stripes or belts are not acceptable.
  • Cattle must be solid red, solid black or roan with a predominately whiteface. Whitefaced animals that are yellow, gray, brown, brindle, or smoke are ineligible.
  • Only steers and heifers of English beef-type breeding under 30 months of age qualify — an animal expressing dairy or Bos indicus type breeding is not acceptable.
  • To qualify, cattle may be either horned or polled. Bulls, bullocks or cows are not acceptable.

 CHB carcass specifications

  • Slight 00 to Moderate 99 marbling score
  • Yield Grade 4 and leaner
  • Hot carcass weight of 1,050 lb. or less
  • No dark cutters
  • A maturity only

For more information about marketing cattle through the CHB program, contact Trey Befort, CHB LLC supply chain manager, at 816-842-3757 or email

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Latest News

February EPD's Released

The Februrary EPD run has been released as of February 15th. All EPDs reported in EPD searches and on registration certificates and reports now reflect the new EPDs.  Next anticipated release of EPDs is March 15th.

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Feed the Future Program benefits Hereford Youth

The American Hereford Association is pleased to partner with BioZyme Inc. and the Hereford Youth Foundation of America to launch the "Feed the Future" program. BioZyme Inc. will donate $1 to HYFA for every tub or bag of eligible BioZyme product bought by AHA members through 2017. Proof of purchase must be sent to 

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