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The National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) is one of the largest, strongest and most active junior cattle programs in the country. Over the years, members of this association have gone on to earn international and domestic respect as models for youth organizational success.

The NJHA, through its extensive educational programs, continues to lay the foundation for the beef industry’s future leaders. The traditions of the past coupled with the energy of today’s board of directors have created a progressive approach to further develop a meaningful and educational association focus.

A 12-member board of directors governs the NJHA, with each person serving a three-year term. The members of the NJHA board of directors serve as ambassadors for the Hereford industry. As directors, they motivate their peers and promote the Hereford breed. They strive to exemplify the positive traits that an association of this caliber possesses. “Advantage, Opportunity” is the NJHA logo. These are the building blocks toward the NJHA goal of providing educational and leadership development programs, assisting with breed promotion and hosting a variety of activities.


Junior National Hereford Expo



One of the largest junior breed shows in the U.S., the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) is the highlight of the NJHA’s summer activities. It is held every summer, and is co-sponsored by the AHA and affiliated junior and state Hereford associations.

Known to many as the ultimate family vacation, this summer show provides an opportunity for competition between junior members and their cattle projects. A hands-on type of program for youth provides educational, leadership and motivational
forums. During the event youth can participate in more than 20-skill based contests. Visit the JNHE Section for more information.


Faces of Leaership: PRIDE Convention

While the JNHE promotes learning aspects of showing cattle and educational activities associated with related contests, the NJHA’s Faces of Leadership Program for Reaching Individuals Determined to Excel (PRIDE) Convention focuses on leadership development. Junior members from all parts of the country participate in the event. During the three-day event, participants listen to nationally known speakers and participate in leadership workshops, which enhance the individual’s leadership talents, communication and beef industry knowledge.
Visit the Faces of Leadership Section for more information.


State Field Days and Regional Shows

Throughout the summer, approximately 30 state affiliates sponsor field days and/or regional shows. The AHA and NJHA board may help in planning and organizing activities, such as judging contests, junior cattle shows and various educational and fun-filled contests. The shows attract much of the attention during the state event. The main purpose is to encourage member participation and to demonstrate the importance of proper growth and development of heifers and bulls. This demonstrates the importance of building productive foundation purebred and commercial cow herds.




The NJHA is an organization devoted to the development of outstanding leadership potential and motivation to seek advanced education. Striving to provide the foundation
upon which interested youth can build their future in the agriculture industry, the NJHA
offers various scholarships and awards to its membership. The Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) administers these scholarships to
deserving Hereford youth.
Click here for more information about available scholarships.

Latest News

Register NOW for A Texas Style Faces of Leadership Conference, Early Deadline is June 15

 Sign up now for the 2016 Faces of Leadership-PRIDE Convention. Visit the Faces of Leadership page for more information. >> Register here.

Junior National Hereford Expo Final Entry Deadline

A Hereford Scene In 2016, Madison, Wis., July 9-15, 2016

Final Entry Deadline: June 1st - ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY!

To register, click here.

Don't Wait to DNA Test JNHE Steers ... Do it Now

Steer exhibitors at the 2016 Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) must submit DNA for their steers by April 1, before they can enter for the show (according to new AHA rule, all steers must have a basic DNA test on file at the association). Once exhibitors have received the DNA results, the exhibitor can then ENTER his or her steer for the JNHE.

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