Meet the NJHA Directors


Chairman - Cody Jensen,

Vice chairman - Taryn Adcock,

Communications chair - Kelsey Stimpson,

Fundraising chair- Austin Cole,

Leadership chair -  Jessica Middleswarth,

Membership chair - Kelsey Repenning,



Amanda Bacon,

Mason Blinson,

Steven Green,

Brooke Jensen,

Bailey McKay,

Tommie Lynne Mead,





Latest News

NJHA Candidate Apps due May 1

NJHA board of directors applications are due May 1. Visit the Hereford Review Room to begin the process today.

April 1 is HYFA, NHW and NJHA Scholarship, Prospect and Golden Bull Awards Deadline

April 1 is the deadline to submit applications for Scholarships along with Prospect and Junior Golden Bull  awards given during the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE). Visit the Hereford Scholarship website to begin the process today.

Don't Wait to DNA Test JNHE Steers ... Do it Now

Steer exhibitors at the 2016 Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) must submit DNA for their steers by April 1, before they can enter for the show (according to new AHA rule, all steers must have a basic DNA test on file at the association). Once exhibitors have received the DNA results, the exhibitor can then ENTER his or her steer for the JNHE.

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